So this week has been incredibly busy. Monday and Tuesday we moved out of the house we were in due to a shitty landlord.
Thursday we had a Project Thrive meeting downtown and helped color the freedom wall, and on Friday we had our monthly Sanctuary Goth Club night... and had an early start Saturday morning, as we participated in the AIDS Walk. Now to relax and enjoy Sunday.
Also, if you wish to be more active in my art work go and like my facebook p

So things are better, i have a really good turn to the good side of life, I have moved out of Alabama. And am now living happily in Virginia with my boyfriend Cody <3

Photo ideas have been hitting me pretty hard, and i'll need to go ahead and start doing more photos again now that i have access  to a camera again :




so sadly there won't be any up coming pictures, till i get a new camera.... life took an unexpected twist and i had to pawn off my old one so i had money to get somewhere, so i wouldn't become a homeless person.. but all is better now and i live with my boyfriend Nick, and his family. my hair has once again changed. And i have a few new ideas coming up for my whole make up photos... i just need to find a camera. Hope to get back to you all soon. Till then i leave you with lots of hugs and kisses. ^________^ ~<3

----Johnathan Williams
ok... so looking for jobs is such a pain, but hopefully i will get one soon ^_
the question one has to really ask themselves, is conformity really worth it?????
to hide who you are so that society accepts you as a person?
to blend in and relinquish that sense of individuality?
to cut away from yourself that inner vioce that's screaming at you to 
newest photo project coming soon ^____^ hahah pictures were already taken but i need to edit them a bit first!! <3 <3 
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